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  Texas Overlooked Books
Overlooked Books specializes in interesting hard to find titles from small and regional publishers,
with an emphasis on regional and Hispanic materials.
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About Us


We know librarians prefer to order their books from the large, national companies with the million dollar websites. Overlooked Books has had to find ways to stand out.

·         We have the very best titles from Amerca’s small and regional publishers. And, we Bind them  "Texas Bound"  our lifetime guaranteed binding.

·         We give a 5% Gift Credit / Rebate on these titles.


20% Gift Credit
on the more competitive books - publishers who sell primarily to libraries primarily in sets. All of the usual suspects - including but not limited to :
Capstone                  Abdo                 Crabtree,     Black Rabbit          Enslow 
Weigl publishers      Rosen                Bearport      Cherry Lake            Rourke

Pebble Books          Heinemann        Chelsea       Gareth Stevens      Norwood ...etc


Options for your Gift Credit / Rebate

·         MORE BOOKS 

·         Librarians gift store- we have every fun thing we could think of that a librarian might want for a library:

·           Folkmanis Puppets, plush characters, hats, costumes, T shirts,  Totes, Texana décor Texas Flags  ...etc.  

·        And now…School visits from Texas Authors and Illustrators.


Texas Author and Illustrator School Visit Program

·         Many of the Texas authors and illustrators are part of this program.

·         Simply go to the Gift Store section of this website and click on authors and Illustrators to find more information about their school visits. You can book them with your Gift Credit, Library funds or combination of the two. 

·         Most of the Authors and Illustrators have offered a discount if you book with Library funds. 



Overlooked Books is to small a company to have every title available on our website like the National companies do.  However, we can get virtually every book our competitors can – and we will bind them, give 5% on trade publishers/ individual titles, and 20% on publishers who sell their books in sets. 


Anyway you put your list together - whether it be from a publisher’s website, a competitor’s website or simply a list you and your teachers have put together we can deliver the books and give you your gift credit.

* We will match prices.  

Simply fax it to: 888-463-1166 or

Email it sales@overlookedbooks.com  Let us know if you need a quote sent back. 

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